Multi-Phase Technologies is excited to announce that we are now partnered with IRIS Instruments, and have become MPT-IRIS Inc. 

MPT-IRIS Inc. will continue to build, sell, develop, innovate, and support the DAS-1, Multi-Source, and our newest DAS-M product lines for existing and new customers.

Video Overview of our Suite of Innovative, High-Quality, Low-Noise, and Robust ERT/IP Instruments.




The latest system from MPT is re-imagining how ERT/IP field surveys are done.

Featuring our multi-source technology with 16 electrode cables, full waveform recording, radio communication, and flexible spectral IP. 

High Speed, 24-bit, 8 channel, Electrical Impedance and Resistivity Tomography data collection system.

Transmit and receive from multiple units simultaneously. Uses wireless technology to coordinate data collection without the need for expensive ERT cables.

External transmitter designed to interface with the DAS-1 for marine data acquisition.


High quality, custom ERT cables, cable handling equipment, stainless steel electrodes, and more.




ERTLab Studio is our most Advanced Modeling and Inversion Software for all Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Tomography Needs.


Its user-friendly interface will help with 2D, 3D, or 4D geophysical ERT applications. All individual ERT modules from previous versions are now embedded in a full 3D graphical environment. The new project workflow allows visualization of other graphic objects in the same coordinate system alongside the surface, borehole, or surface-to-borehole ERT results.


ERTLab is an advanced 3D modelling, data inversion, forward modelling, and site layout software.


ERTLab 64 is a multi-threaded finite-element modeling program providing faster inversions and larger meshes (millions of elements) than ERTLab. 

A rich suite of tools for local and remote operation of the DAS-1 and Multi-Source systems.



Site Design

Custom array layout, forward modelling, and collection routine optimization.

Long-Term ERT Monitoring

Installation of equipment, training, monitoring, data collection, frequent data processing and reporting.

Data Interpretation

Inversion, modelling, and analysis.


​​September 2021

We are participating at image 2021 the joint geoscience conference and exhibit from SEG and AAPG. We will have an in-person and virtual booth from 9/26 to 9/29 and hope you will be able to visit us. You can download a free exhibitor pass here.


​August 2020

MPT-IRIS announces the release of ERTLab Studio, our most Advanced Modeling and Inversion Software for all Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Induced Polarization Tomography Needs yet.

November 2019

MPT has entered an exciting new partnership with IRIS Instruments and is now MPT-IRIS Inc. This partnership will allow both companies to continue to develop industry leading equipment while providing additional value to all of our customers, old and new.

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