The ERTLab64 is the 64-bit counterpart to the ERTLab. ERTLab64 is multi-threaded, 64 bit software allowing for faster inversion processing rates and larger finite-element meshes (up to millions of elements). Many of the features are kept the same as ERTLab allowing a familiar ERTLab user to easily transition to the new software.

Enhanced Filtering Methods

The enhanced data filtering allows the users to edit data sets using a series of criteria including apparent resistivity, transmitter current, reciprocal error, standard deviation, geometry factor etc.

More Data Input File Option

Easily converts other data file options into ERTLab64 for most major equipment manufactures including IRIS and AGI data files.

Additional Configuration Capabilities

ERTLab64 provides even more options to the Inversion Workspace including more options in the Mesh Settings, Inversion Parameters and Global Parameters.

More Detailed Data Analytics

The progression window allows the user to more closely analyze in real-time the data during the inversion.

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