The MPT Software Suites includes data acquisition software required to run the ERT systems such as the DAS-1 and the Multi-Source systems. Operating software including current versions are provided free-of-charge to current users of MPT equipment.

DAS Acquisition

Although the DAS-1 System can collect data using it's own console, the DAS Acquisition software for the computer provides better control on data acquisition. 


DAS Acquisition software also includes the DAS Acquisition, MPT Office. The MPT Office allows the DAS-1 to run autonomously and by using a communication method to the computer, the user can remotely download the data or make changes to the data acquisition as well as check on the quality of data.


The Multisource software controls the Multi-source units via a command unit attached to your field computer. Multisource allows a visual method to view the location of the Multi-Source units in the field and collects and stores the data as needed.