The DAS Marine is an add-on hardware designed to allow the DAS-1 system to collect data from towed electrode arrays.

High Power, Constant Current Transmitter

The Das Marine provides a higher power, (up to 700 watts), higher (up to 10 amperes) transmitter designed for marine profiling applications. The transmitter has its own GPS module. The module can provide navigation information with approximately 2 m horizontal resolution but its primary purpose is to provide timing of the transmitter and DAS-1 receivers linked to the unit.

GPS Synchronization

Each data point is initiated at a precise pulse-per-second UTC time. This allows users to synchronize DAS Marine data with other GPS systems or sonar. For example, the precise location of the streamer can be determined by placing several GPS modules along the streamer. Using constant current allows the system to provide consistent, repeatable data regardless of the water conditions and streamer geometry.