MPT can provide everything needed for an ERT survey of any size. 

Premium Custom ERT Cables


High quality ERT cables for surface and borehole surveys. Built to order in the USA.

The custom built cables can be designed for any project that you may have. MPT sells both 16, 18, and 32 conductor cables.

All cables are water proof and suitable for outdoor and direct burial uses.

Our rugged take-out design uses stainless steel cylinders molded the cable at each end.

Spool Handler

Our spool handlers are custom design and built by MPT right here in Sparks, Nevada. A unique feature is that the handlers have removable, interchangeable plastic spools. This means that a typical field crew may have several cables but only one or two spool handlers. This is particularly great for shipping equipment cross-country or over-seas. The spools themselves are compact, efficient, and designed to stack efficiently on a pallet or in the back of a truck avoiding the bulk and weight of a having a spool device for each cable. With a rubber non-slip grip, the MPT Spool Handler allows for easy carry of cables in the field and a great tool for placing and winding cables. Each plastic spool handles about 60 m (200 ft) of 12 mm (.38 inch) cable or 100 m (330 ft) of 10 mm cable.

Resistor Test Boxes

The Resistor Test Box contains a grid of precision resistors and provides an easy check on the DAS-1 calibration and operations. The test box has 64 connections for testing DAS-1 or MUX-1.

Adapter Box

The Adapter Box is ideal for small scale test such as laboratory studies. It provides an easy solution to connected wires to the DAS-1. Each test box has eight, standard size/pitch eight position, removal terminal blocks. This allows users to build their own cable systems.

Stainless Steel Electrodes

Precision machined 304 stainless steel electrodes for an optimal combination of durability, consistency, and corrosion resistance.

We recommend 3/4" thickness, but 1/2" or 1" are available as well.

Low Resistance Alligator Clips

Corrosion resistant, high current, low resistance, clip leads: perfect for connecting surface cables to electrodes.

Safety Electrode Caps

Prevent accidental contact with electrodes and cables.

These were originally designed specifically to connect our standard stainless electrodes to Multi-Source systems to prevent people or pets from accidently coming in contact with a live electrode. When the electrode is in use, the polyvinylchloride cap complete covers the electrode. Removing the cover completely disconnects the electrode from the cable.